Facts and Statistics

1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read.
High school dropouts are 63% more likely to be incarcerated than their peers with four-year college degrees.
Seventy-five percent of state prison inmates did not complete high school or can be classified as low literate.
Low literacy costs the U.S. at least $225 billion each year in non-productivity in the workforce, crime, and loss of tax revenue due to unemployment.

  • 2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Over 70% of America’s inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level.
  • More than 30 million Americans cannot read or write above a third-grade level.
  • 64% of all eighth-grade students are unable to read proficiently. (National Assessment of Education Progress) 82% of black students and 77% of Hispanic students are not reading proficiently.
  • Children who aren’t reading at grade level by the end of third grade are four times as likely to drop out of high school.
  • The sad truth is that the vast majority of children who start behind, stay behind, leading to an increase in our nation’s dropouts rate among low-income and minority students.
  • Half of children from low-income communities start first grade up to two years behind their peers.
  • 37% of children arrive at kindergarten without the skills necessary for lifetime learning.
  • 61% of low-income families have no books at all in their homes for their children.
  • In middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children.